Monday, September 24, 2012

In class at last

Today was a self introduction. I had large pictures of all the important things in my life and first of course was Bob. So that was their first English word - Bob. AN dthey all thought he was veyr handsome. They were impressed I had 4 children - the sept family concept seemed like it should wait. But they were more astonished the Bob's daughter Jenny had 3 children - she is in their generation and the children were born after the Chinese 1 child only rule. They thought David was very cool until I pointed out his wife Karen. Many of them have chosen the English name Lily so they loved seeing Bethany's daughter Lily Beth. And the picture of Brian's dog Munster brought down the house. It was a little like having the family with me. (I have no clue what I just hit to switch to italics since my screen is all Chinese.) Which is good because it is lonely. The clothes are so western but we are the only Americans in 1.4M. I do miss being at home.

The adventure of new food today included a reptile based dish that had a head still floating in the sauce. We get a green vegetable every day - it is the stems and vines of pumpkins or squash. Chickens are laid out and slided vertically and then horizontally so the bone could be neck or back or foot. But yesterday there were fried onion rings! Every meal is an adventure but I never go away hungry - despite using nothing but chop sticks.

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